Sean Francis

"Creating to Teach, Entertain and Learn"


Sean Francis

"Creating to Teach, Entertain and Learn"


Dull grey was the color of the day. Well, that was the color of every day. The base of the Inquisition was made of unpainted metal and after being here for a decade Matthew was still not used to it. Walking down the hall toward the Armory every day was a very emotionless trip. Even with the various staff and soldiers of the Inquisition walking or running the other side.

Matthew reached into the pocket of his uniform pants and pulled out a key ring. His uniform was modeled after the military uniform of officers and soldiers but instead of the tans and greens there were blacks, greys and little whites. However, since he was not a soldier he did not have weapons at his hips. Which was fine with him. Even though he worked at the Armory he did not like weapons at all. Ironic, sure, but it was better than any other part of the Inquisition.

He inserted the key into the door of the Armory and entered the first room. It was plain and only had enough space to hold about three people. At the other end of it was a door made of heavy duty and thick metal. There was a covered slit in the door about eye level and the only way to slide the cover was from the other side.

Using another key on the ring, he opened the metal door into the second room of the Armory where all of the weapons of the Inquisition were kept. This part of the Armory was much larger than the 'lobby' of the armory. Weapons of various kinds were hung in two rows along the walls, two tables were covered with more weapons and the corners had yet more weapons. All of the weapons were guns of various kinds. They were organized by categories such as Assault Rifles, Sub-Machine Guns and Artifices.

He reached out to the side and grabbed a clipboard full of columns. Papers rustled as Matthew looked over the sheets. Every column was filled in completely.

Matthew smiled at that. Five years after the Second World War they had recovered their stock of weapons. That was fast.

A bell rang. He looked through the slit in the door to see two soldiers standing patiently on the other side.

"What can I do for you?" Matthew asked.

The man on the left stepped forward and saluted with one hand while holding out an envelope with the other, "We have been tasked with retrieving weapons for Fire Training."

Matthew nodded, "Slide it through."

The man stepped forward and lifted the envelope to the door slit. Matthew grabbed it and opened it. His eyes glided over the words of the form. It was a request from the Range Instructor for ten of the M50 Submachine guns and five Assault Rifle styled Artifices. The Jefferson models to be precise. Made sense as those were some of the newest acquisitions on his list. The form was filled correctly and the signature was the Instructor's.

Matthew nodded and signed his name on one of the two only blank lines of the form confirming that he had received the request. He then consulted his list to find the weapons in question. Ten minutes later, the second line of the form was signed saying that he was able to fulfill the request and the two soldiers were walking out of the Armory with two weapon bags.

After filling out two rows on another list he had, Matthew checked over all of the weapons. Each one of them looked as if they were in mint condition. As if they were just begging to be taken off of the wall and used in action.

Thankfully he would never need to use them. While he did have combat training there was no need for him to fight, even if the base was attacked. With all the Inquisition did to help defend the Allied Powers against the Axis Powers, not many people dared to defy them. The only group that would dare think about it would be the Black Cults but they had been relatively quiet lately.

Matthew shook his head. Why was he even thinking about this? Even the black magi should be smart enough to not attack right after a war. Especially since the Magic Law would come down on them fast. He grabbed the book under his chair in the Armory room and sat down to read.

An hour later, the bell in his room rang again. Setting down his book, he walked up to the door and peered through the slit in the door. When he saw who was beyond the door he had to fight off a nervous reaction. The man on the other side was the Major Sergeant of the base.

He was someone who looked like he could take on anyone. Silver hair in a buzz cut, a wide face and serious blue eyes. His uniform was spotless and lacked a single wrinkle. As if to contradict his hard ass exterior, though, he had a massive smile on his face.

"Hey Graver" The Sergeant boomed, "How are things goin' in th're?"

Matthew opened the door, "Things are going well sir." He reached for the clipboard of requests with the only request of the day being the one from an hour ago, "All of the weapons have arrived and are in perfect condition. Instructor Tamlin made a request for some of the weapons for Fire Training."

The Sergeant turned his head to look down at Matthew. While his smile did not falter, there was something in his eyes that told Matthew he was thinking, "Really? Fire Training?"

"Yes sir." Matthew said, "He sent two men to grab them for him."

"With paperwork?"

Matthew nodded, "Yes sir." He blinked, "Why sir?"

The man kept his gaze on Matthew. After a minute of being uncomfortably stared down Matthew asked, "Sir?"

The Sergeant shook his head, "Nothing Graver." He started walking down the Armory looking at the weapons, "You said that we had all of our weapons?"

Matthew, happy that he was no longer under that thoughtful gaze, answered, "Yes sir. I looked through them all and they are ready for combat."

"Good." He said, "You know, we are the first base to get all of our equipment."

Matthew blinked, "Really? I guess being near D.C. gives us a boost up."

The Sergeant nodded, "The Chicago base has about ninety percent and the Los Angeles base has about eighty."

"Good thing we don't expect to need them all any time soon." Matthew looked at the Sergeant, "Right?"

Instead of answering, the Sergeant walked out of the Armory and left with, "Keep up the good work Graver."

Matthew stared after the departed leader with confusion plain on his face. What the hell?


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