Sean Francis

"Creating to Teach, Entertain and Learn"


Sean Francis

"Creating to Teach, Entertain and Learn"


"Transport complete. Welcome to the Wasteland."

The weird feeling that crawled throughout my whole body faded away. I no longer felt as if I floating in air and sound returned to me in a flash. Not that there was much to hear.

I had been teleported into the Wasteland. At least, that was what I was told I would be doing. The servants in the room I found myself in only about an hour ago were not really helpful with their explanation on the matter. They managed to be vaguer than my mentor, which was something I did not think anyone would have been able to do.

In front of me was the statue of a beautiful woman. She was depicted rising out of the statue's base with wind and leaves floating around her. The base was elegantly carved with waves moving along each edge and the floor it stood on flared out as if from the fire of the sun. And it looked like she was in the center of a small town.

Various towers, forts and water wells were spread out from the statue. There were three of each kind of building and they were positioned so it looked like they were defending the statue from the three gated lanes. The gates had two towers at either end and they all pointed out.

I was standing on what looked like a platform that overlooked the 'town.' Below my feet was a swirling void that was slowly being shut by stone coverings. Four more such voids curved to my sides with two to each side.

I stepped away from the spot and suddenly realized that I had all of my equipment on. My light armor clinched and scratched as my body moved and my artifices were on my hands and feet like they would have been in battle. They had given me back my gear. To test that my artifices still worked, I activated my right gauntlet and watched as a blade made of pure fire flared to life. I did the same with my left artifice and a blade of ice frosted into existence.

Good. They still worked. I do not quite understand this multi world idea and this apparent 'Dimensional Chain' that I am on. But as long as I can defend myself I can start wrapping my head around everything.

I stepped down the stairs and moved to look at the statue. About five steps away from it, though, I ran into something solid and was flung back by some invisible force. My back hit the golden dirt of the Wasteland and the dust cloud that rose into the air ran up my nose and mouth. I coughed out the dust and bent up to look back at the statue. Disappearing from around the stone figure was a dome of translucent blue hexagons. Now that I saw it was there, even when it disappeared, I could still see some of the light's distortion. Looking around me, I could see that all of the other buildings of the 'town' had that same energy except for the gate and the gate's towers.

From my left, I could hear four lightning strikes boom. My allies were now here.

The one to the farthest left of where I was had a strange weapon on his back. It was longer than the largest greatswords I have ever seen. It was also thin, and had a strange cylinder reminiscent of a telescope. A long hooded cloak stretched down his back and a glowing metal tunic was strapped to his chest. The light on it pulsed rhythmically which let me see that his armor had the same kind of dome around it as the statue.

Next to him, a woman wore armor that was very similar to ones I am familiar with. Plate covered her torso, arms and legs. Whatever the plate did not cover was covered with mail. A longsword hung at her hip and two weapons similar to the man's but smaller were at her arms. Her red hair was pulled back in a ponytail that reached her hips and her eyes were bright blue.

The third person over was a man who was muscled beyond anything I thought was possible. His clothes looked bulky and consisted of splashes of greens and tans. At his hip was a small weapon was similar to the ones the woman had, but black and blocky and the one at his back was wider but similar to the one the far left man had. His eyes were covered by glasses with black lenses and he seemed to be chewing on something.

Far to the right, was a woman who was very noticeable as she had wings on her back. She wore tight leather clothes with various belt-like straps that seemed more decoration than functional. What was also noticeable was the fact that she had no weapons. I did not even see any artifices on her. What did she use to defend herself then?

All four of them stepped down the stairs and up to me. The winged lady had a strut that was really hard to ignore but the others seemed to have variations of the confident walk.

"You must be the new guy!" She practically squealed and patted my head.

I tolerated it and said, "I am Quael."

"Such a cute name!" This time, she accompanied her joyous sentence with a tight hug. Which I did not mind at all.

"Calm down, Sylvus." The green and tanned man said with a deep growl.

"But he's so cute! I wanna hug him until he pops!" To prove her point, she tightened her grip on me even harder. Sylvus was stronger than she looked.

"Travis is right." The armored woman sighed, "You react like this to every new person to the Dimensional Chain. Even me."

So I was not unique? I could not help but feel disappointed at that.

"Aw, come on Yaelia!" Sylvus pouted, "You are no fun. Just like Rouge over there."

The cloaked man just gave her a neutral look and stepped over to the middle gate.


Both Yaelia and Travis sighed. Travis looked to me and asked, "What can you do?"

I blinked at the sudden shift of conversation, "What?"

"What kind of abilities do you have?"

I opened my mouth in a silent 'oh' and stepped back a couple of steps. My gauntlet artifices glowed with red and blue energy before releasing in the blades I had before. I then activated my greaves and started running circles around the group faster than any normal person would have been able to. As a final show off, I used my greaves to launch myself in the air and slammed both gauntlets into the ground. Spikes of fire and ice spread out in a cone in front of me.

Sylvus seemed to swoon when I was done. Yaelia seemed impressed while Travis just crossed his arms and gave me a neutral look.

"Do you know your 'Chain Ability'?"

I tilted my head in confusion, "My chain ability?"

Before the man could answer, a deep and rough voice echoed across the Wasteland, "Five. Four."

"Shit." Travis growled, "Sylvus, you're with the new guy! Go bottom!"

The winged woman nodded and grabbed the back of my armor. I was then lifted into the air and plopped right in front of one of the gates.

"What is going on?" I asked.

"You were not told?" Sylvus asked.

"Three. Two."

"No!" I almost yelled.

"One. Fight begin."

Dimensional Chain

"The Chain is a place one can only survive."

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Dimensional Chain

"The Chain is a place one can only survive."